Sound, beat, rhythm and effort is not only in music a good foundation. To lead this wonderful association YOUTH CLASSICS it requires a lot of commitment and joy.

As an enthusiastic music fan and connoisseurs of classical music, I bring the foundation for my commitment. The positive drive from Philip A. Draganov in support of international young talents has seized me too. Our association has grown not only in the courses of education and training of students, concerts and masterclasses. We now offer a wealth of opportunities for those interested in classic music. I especially want to mention the much layers of support and sponsorship deals or our “artist agency”  where you are sure to find a young talent for your next event. In 2013 there again will be held masterclasses and the yearly gala concert too. We deal mainly with projects but with even bigger widespread effect. So the committed participation of all persons involved in the non-profit organization YOUTH CLASSICS get a voice against outside. All this will be the benefit of our basic work for supporting the young talents in classical music.

I would like to invite you to support our work and to become a part of this wonderful idea.

With musical greetings

Remo Schällibaum