Greeting from the artistic director

Dear friends of music and young musicians,

I would like to invite you to join YOUTH CLASSICS.

YOUTH CLASSICS is wide-ranging!
First, we organize an annual music festival with the goal of bringing only outstanding teachers together with highly talented young musicians from the entire world.

At the festival, all the students receive instruction in solo performance, chamber music, and improvisation. In addition, many participants have the opportunity to perform in public concerts. These performances provide students with important experience, such as how to prepare for a competition or audition.

Workshops in groups with themes such as “Stage Fright” or “Rehearsing in the Flow” and discussions between teachers and students round out the course. In addition, students have opportunities to attend the festival concerts in which renowned soloists and chamber musicians from the international music scene perform.

Last but not least, eating together on campus daily leads to friendships that outlast the festival.

Why are more and more young talented musicians coming to YOUTH CLASSICS?
I believe all of them want to learn; they all want to see what musicians their age from other countries are doing; many have questions they want answered. Many young musicians feel isolated in their daily lives. At their schools they are often regarded with astonishment when they say they spend many hours a day practicing or giving concerts on the weekends. At YOUTH CLASSICS they meet people with similar interests—something they enjoy very much.

Moreover, YOUTH CLASSICS continues to support its young musicians even after the festival by organizing and managing concerts and international competitions and by producing CDs.

In 2013 the YOUTH CLASSICS Orchestra will give its first concert. All the members of the orchestra have won national and international competitions. Selected talents will have the opportunity to perform with the orchestra as soloists. That is one way that YOUTH CLASSICS is helping musicians along their paths to a career in music.

Our first International Music Festival and Masterclasses in 2010 had twenty-nine participants. In 2012 it was already sixty-eight and counting. That shows how much young musicians enjoy coming to our festival and motivates us to continue on our own path.
YOUTH CLASSICS is dependent on help from benefactors to support in turn young musicians on the highest level. Please support YOUTH CLASSICS! Your assistance directly benefits young musicians.

Become part of YOUTH CLASSICS, as a student, as a parent, as a concert organizer or patron, and help us to continue making history.

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely yours,

Philip A. Draganov

Artistic Director of YOUTH CLASSICS