Award Winners and Participants of our Masterclasses

Congratulations to our award winners and participants at our masterclasses:

  • Alican Süner 24 J. (Violine)  1st prize Postacchini Competition (IT)
  • Andrei Ionita 20 J. (Violoncello)    1st prize Tchaikowsky Competition (RU)
  • Hani Song 17 J.  (Violine)    1st prize International Marschner Competition (DE)
  • Michael Petrov 24 J. (Violoncello)   ECHO Rising Star (UK)
  • Raphael Nussbaumer 9. J. (Violine)    1. prize Schweizer Jugend Musikwettbewerb (CH)
  • Sophie Wang 15 J. (Violine)  1st prize Louis Spohr Competition (DE)

… and more than 20  1st prize winners at the Schweizer Jugend Musikwettbewerb