Gala Concert 2013

YOUTH CLASSICS proudly presents the yearly gala concert in line of the 4th International Music Festival and Masterclasses 2013.

The greatest highly talented young musiscians will be chosen to enchant the audiance with breathtaking performances at the YOUTH CLASSICS Gala Concert 2013.

The Gala Concert 2013 will take place on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in the beautiful Small Hall of the Tonhalle Zurich.
The Small Hall is the jewel of the Tonhalle. The 1998 renovation achieved wonders, restoring its original ambience, the warm golden and crimson colours, and reviving the beautiful ceiling paintings of the Swiss painter Antonio Barzaghi-Cattaneo.

Get your ticket online through Ticketino early enough.

In the meantime, Inspire yourself with the YOUTH CLASSICS impressions of the Gala Concert 2012: