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The 8th international music festival and masterclasses was July 17th-27th, 2017.

We will yet again be guests at the Musikinsel Rheinau where excellent teachers and pianists will be able to share their knowledge and experience through solo lessons, chamber lessons and workshops. Youth classics offers a life-changing experience, an opportunity for learning, a place for inspiration and for making new connections.

In the following film are impressions from the 2016 festival and masterclasses. Check it out and let yourself be enchanted!


A review of the Masterclasses of 2016

It has been a month since the last participants have left the Musikinsel Rheinau. After 12 days of intense practice, numerous encounters with interesting people from all over the world and with the feeling of having achieved a lot together, everyone is now back home. 

What lasts is the memory of many marvelous concerts and positive feedback from the audiences, but primarily the good cooperation between the participants, lecturers and organisators. Because of the positive feedback, we as the organistors are excited for the next Masterclasses in 2017. 

We’ve worked hard together but also laughed often and also shown interest in one another’s situation. We’ve motivated each other and pushed us further and we’d like to thank the participants for that. 

The Musikinsel Rheinau has been, once again, a place that felt like home, which made it possible to live in the same house and work intensely.

Thanks to the great cooperation with the Schaffhauser Nachrichten, the Masterclasses had a good representation in the media. 

Giorgio Balmelli and Irene Magnin have captured many faces and impressions, take a look at some of them here. -->


took place on the "Musikinsel Rheinau (CH)"

Here you can take a first look at it. (collage / press information in German)
More images can be found under 'impressions'

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