Hildegard Wind - Feldenkrais für Musiker

Hildegard Wind was born in St. Ingbert in 1965 and has been living in Bamberg since 1989. She studied the violin at the University of Music in Freiburg with Rainer Kussmaul, and after graduating “with honors,” she became second concertmaster of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra at the age of only 23. She kept this position from 1989-94. She also worked as a violin teacher at the College of Music in Freiburg for over ten years.

Since the successful completion of a four-year Feldenkrais training as a continuation of her own studies in 2002, she has also been teaching Feldenkrais for musicians and been giving workshops at several institutions, such as the College of Music in Freiburg, Dresden, Stuttgart, Köln, and Nürnberg. She has also given numerous lectures at national and international congresses.

Feldenkrais for Musicians
Perceiving and feeling movements when playing an instrument, not just executing them mechanically and automatically, has been shown to improve significantly the quality and effectiveness of practicing and performing. The workshop Feldenkrais for Musicians will be concerned with this theme of “self-awareness through movement” and apply aspects of the Feldenkrais method to instrumental performance in specific and individual ways.

For example, when playing technically difficult passages, it can help to focus on and feel the sequences of movements: Am I “compacting” my spine, perhaps? Am I holding my breath and constricting my rib cage? Or causing unnecessary tension in my shoulder muscles? Kinesthetic sense perception can help study such situations and their effect on technique and sound, and if necessary correct them.

As Moshé Feldenkrais put it: “If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want.”

Find more information on www.musikerfeldenkrais.de.