Every participant pays a fee for attending the YOUTH CLASSICS “International Music Festival and Masterclasses.” This fee mostly covers the living expenses, including meals. It is only through the generous support of our sponsors that we are able to offer this course at such a reasonable price. The sponsors provide for lessons, workshops, etc.

Every student is a grantee who has special access to many different opportunities over the course of the week. YOUTH CLASSICS exists for its participants, but in return expects that the following rules will be observed:

1. Participation is only possible for the entire course period, with an arrival on July 21, 2013 (every participant should plan to arrive at the latest by 4:30 PM at the Schloss Hallenburg) and departure on July 31, 2013. Under ordinary circumstances it is not possible to arrive late or leave early. Exceptions will of course be granted in the case of illness or other unusual circumstances (for example in the case of an emergency). If a participant is obliged to arrive a day late or leave a day early because of a solo concert, the artistic director must be notified through the registration form under “Comments”.

2. Attendance of all concerts is obligatory for master class participants (as listeners and, where applicable, as players)

3. The schedule will be planned and released by the instructors and coaches. Strict observation is mandatory for everyone.

4. Instructors’ time is valuable and limited. It is of utmost necessity that participants arrive to lessons in a timely fashion, that being not later than 5 minutes before lessons begin.

5. It is the exclusive decision of personal instructors as to whether or not a student is signed up for a public concert during the festival. The claim to appearing in a public concert is not a condition for registration in this course. It is, however, possible to perform on more than one occasion if the instructor so chooses and allows for the necessary allowance of time. Final decisions regarding programming lie with the artistic direction.

6. Appearance in a public concert is only possible in the appropriate concert attire: for men, black-and-white or all-black; for women a concert gown. A performance in casual clothing (e.g. jeans) is not permissible.

7. Attendance of afternoon workshops is obligatory for all participants.

8. Meals will be shared at fixed times. Attendance at breakfast (7:30-8:45 AM) is mandatory for everyone. Sleeping in at YC is unfortunately not possible.

9.The daily schedule is binding and to be observed by everyone:
9:00 - 12:00 (12:30) Practice time, instruction, rehearsal with coaching, chamber music
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch – Pause
13:30 - 15:30 Group Workshop
15:30 - 18:30 Practice time, instruction, rehearsal, chamber music
18:00 - 19:15 Dinner
19:30    Festival concerts and other activities
Other activities such as excursions/leisure activities etc. will be announced on location.

10. Time for sleep to be respected. Everyone will sleep in his or her own room.

11. We expect a harmonious cooperation with the administration of Youth Classics and the Schloss Hallenburg.

12. Any kind of drug use is strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate disqualification and departure.

13. The student of Youth Classics hereby gives his or her consent that image and audio material from the concerts can be used for promotional purposes without financial compensation, for example on the festival homepage, Youtube, radio, television and print.

14. All participants’ concerts will be filmed. It is possible to buy a recording of one’s performance at the end of the festival.