5th International Music Festival and Masterclasses

July 12 - July 23, 2014

The "Musikinsel Rheinau" (music island) in Switzerland opens their doors on May 24, 2014. YOUTH CLASSICS is one of the first groups who will be on this inspiring island with the 5th International Music Festival and Masterclasses 2014.
The festival is intended for advanced students who intend to study music and students already on the university level. The subject matter of the lessons includes technical basics, the interpretation of works, and/or preparation for competitions, exams, and auditions. The participants should be challenged musically and personally in an atmosphere of intense work.

The festival will be accompanied by a fantastic faculty. Just meeting these extraordinary musicians will make the course unforgettable for the participants.

Additional to the individual lessons (solo or chamber music courses), some days will be supplemented by interesting workshops and concerts for the students as a nice change to the lessons.

Public concerts by participants are an important component of the course. The concerts will be held at the music island, but also in other locations, to which the participants will travel in groups, in some cases. These courses can become a „dress rehearsal“ for important exams, competitions or auditions. We would like to give as many participants as possible the opportunity to give public concerts. In addition, internationally renowned artits will perform at the festival, too.

The YOUTH CLASSICS Gala Concert 2014 will feature the crwoning final in line with the 5th International Music Festival and Masterclasses 2014. This concert is especially dedicated to the generous supporters of YOUTH CLASSICS. We are deeply grateful about this great support, which makes the festivals and concerts of YOUTH CLASSICS possible.

July 12 - July 23, 2014 - Musikinsel Rheinau (Switzerland)

More information about the application, faculty and more will follow soon.