Andreas Burzik - Workshop

Practising in Flow

A Holistic, Body-Oriented Practising Method

Every musician knows that blissful feeling of being totally lost to the world while being absorbed, highly engaged and yet effortlessly involved with their instrument. All steps of the activity run seamlessly into each other, all sensation of time goes. There is no room for day-to-day worries; everything is replaced by a deep feeling of well-being and harmony. Doing and consciousness become one. Flow is the psychological term for those extraordinary experiences. They are expressions of a trancelike, holistic mode of operation of the brain that adjusts consciousness and enables a process by which even complex activities are carried out with a sensation of intense enjoyment and ease. Practising in Flow is an effective method of daily instrumental practice that is experienced by musicians as being highly satisfying physically as well as emotionally. Important aspects of the method are
·       a particular contact with the instrument
·       the development of the sense of sound
·       the feeling of effortlessness in the body

·       a playful approach to the study material   

Andreas Burzik, Master of Psychology, Master of Music
Andreas Burzik is a trained violinist, psychologist, psychotherapist, mental trainer and coach, specialized in flow for musicians.   1979 to 1983 he studied the violin at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen and worked afterwards as a violin teacher for about 25 years. From 1993 to 2000 he studied psychology at the University Bremen focusing on Clinical Psychology and Work and Organisational Psychology. He finished his study with a thesis on ”Flow-Experiences of Orchestral Musicians“ published in Das Orchester, January 2002.   He is trained in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) and Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy and works in Bremen in his own practice. In his work with musicians he covers topics such as practising problems, stage fright and self-management for instrumental teachers.   In 1995 he developed a practising method for all classical instruments and singing, Practising in Flow. This method reliably leads musicians in their daily practice in flow states and makes use of all the positive features of this special mental state.   Flow is the psychological term for a mental high performance state. In the flow body, mind and soul function in a highly harmonized kind of way. Focus and learning capacity are enhanced. Playing in flow means becoming one with one’s instrument, sound and musical interpretation.   Practising in Flow has been published in numerous international journals; lectures, seminars and workshops on Practising in Flow and Coping with Stage Fright have been held in the US, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.   In 2005 he conducted a scientific study on the neurobiology of flow states in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences measuring the EEG activity of musicians while Practising in Flow.   Since 2007 he is the mental coach of the Academy of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Munich.   For more information please visit