Course content

The course is intended for advanced students who aspire to study music, as well as university students. The content of the lessons includes technical fundamentals, interpretation of works and/or preparation for competitions, exams, and auditions. The aim is to promote participants in terms of musical and personal progress in an intensive work environment.

Participants receive:
▪ Intensive solo instruction with the lecturer of their choice
▪ Chamber music instruction
▪ Individual coaching and group improvisation instruction with Tim Kliphuis
▪ If required, viola as a subsidiary instrument for violinists with Jose G. Flores (participants must bring their own instrument)
▪ Concerts with the participants in the greater Schaffhausen and Zurich area
▪ Free entrance to festival concerts
▪ Free physiotherapy with Brigitte Gerber-Zaugg (Participation is limited)

The public concerts given by participants also represent an important component of the course. These will take place in the greater Schaffhausen and Zurich area.